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Why Coral Plan?

CoralPlan provides a 360-degree view of all your business activities in one place across all time zones 24/7/365.
The workplace that fosters visibility, accountability, responsibility and cooperation.

Coral Plan Overview

Coral Plan provides a 360-degree view of all your business activities in one place across all time zones 24/7/365. Coral Plan engenders and supports a new collaborative paradigm within the workplace that fosters visibility, accountability, responsibility and

cooperation.Your staff feel empowered to play their full part in the process, enabling managers to manage by exception and concentrate on the business NOT the process.

What does it do?

The Coral Plan planning suite facilitates ALL planning disciplines in one place. Whether you need to:

  • Map and monitor Business processes (BPM) and (BAM)
  • Plan a project (PM)
  • Capture staff absences
  • Ad hoc tasks and activities
  • Resource Management


Today's world constantly demands 'more with less' so, it makes sense to have a tool that can control valuable resources across all business functions and activities whilst ensuring your clients and partners get the service they expect? Coral Plan can help.You need a simple process planning

tool but, worried about these?
  • Expense (Up-front and on-going)
  • Complexity (You don’t have a Nuclear Physicist on your payroll)
  • Vendor doesn’t seem to listen or understand (Just selling you the dream)
  • Massive build (NOT out-of-the-box)
  • Vendor consultants camped out for weeks or months (What are they all doing?)
  • Not interested in Modelling or Simulation? (Let’s just get on with it and take control)
Most things really are simple, so why complicate them? Coral Plan can help you out of the box within minutes.

Coral Plan planning suite

Many systems today are sold in modular form with only certain people being allowed to see certain bits. At Coral Plan we believe in giving everyone the same simple platform.

  • So there is no complicated licencing for different modules
  • One simple cost structure, sold per seat per month, if you don’t use it, you don’t pay!
  • Visibility is open to all, so there should be no excuses for things being missed or late
Quick Feature List
  • Clear visibility of all business activities in a simple interactive Dashboard
  • Single Tasks
  • Staff absences, holidays, sickness, training etc
  • Link to Microsoft Outlook (for Staff Absences)
  • Powerful multiple choice filtering function (Pinpoints your work quickly and precisely)
  • Visibility is open to all, so there should be no excuses for things being missed or late
  • Standard reports, by Resource, Resource Utilisation, Product/Country, Project and Gantt
  • Notes are available at all stages, as aide memoir or process/production notes
  • Milestone tracking
  • Over-allocated resource alert
  • Resource/Task scheduling reporting
  • Absence clash warning
  • Off-track alert
  • Sign-off alert
  • Buzz Messaging – Exchange messages and share documents, screenshots with your team, colleagues about tasks, activities or projects.
  • Alert filtering
  • Email alerts
  • Timed activity tracking (tracking process/production throughput)
Coral Plan Interoperability, the Coral Plan Planning suite connects to:
  • SAGE TSP (Timesheet Professional)
  • Microsoft Outlook (for Staff Absences)
  • Microsoft Excel (Output of all reports into Excel)te
  • SQL Server (Your data is stored in an SQL Server)
Coral Plan has experience in interfacing to the following:
  • SAP (Accounts Client and Product Tables mapping)
  • SalesForce Dot Com (Opportunities and Quote module)
  • SAGE TSP (Timesheet Professional mapping)

With a wealth of experience in the company we offer a number of different services, namely Coral Plan Training, Coral Plan Consultancy, General Consultancy and Coral Plan Systems Integration services.

Coral Plan – Reporting and Analytics

User statistics

  • Who’s using Coral Plan
  • Planning proficiency report, who are your best planners/Agile Points estimators
  • Productivity report, who gets the most done

Process analysis, review the last 6-12 months to highlight process efficiencies

  • Planned v Actual comparison
  • Reduction of fallow (buffer) time
  • Fine-tune and improve your Processes
Coral Plan Consultancy
  • Implementation and Setup advice (Ensuring best fit for your organisation)
  • Process mapping consultancy (Best ways to tackle the process)
  • Interoperability, what systems do you need Coral Plan to connect with (Interfaces, API’s)
  • KPI capture, continuous improvement programs including 6 Sigma
  • Dashboard, scorecard development/interfacing, presenting VOP and VOC (Voice of Process/Production or Customer)
  • Other IT and systems consultancy
Coral Plan System Integration

Your Coral Plan data is held in an easily accessible SQL database, naturally you want access to this data to be able to utilise it for whatever purpose you require. Coral Plan has experience in interfacing to the following:

  • SAP (Accounts Client and Product Tables mapping)
  • SalesForce Dot Com (Opportunities and Quotes module)
  • SAGE TSP (Timesheet Professional mapping)
Coral Plan Training

The most efficient way of training is to engage ‘champions’; so we train the trainers, rather than a series of mass sittings

  • Your own team implements Coral Plan to your way of doing things
  • The champions learn more quickly actually working with Coral Plan
  • You don’t waste money on days of training
It’s not always easy to justify the deployment of new software; you need to weigh-up:
  • Your requirements (What’s the business need?)
  • The sales spiel of preferred vendors (Will it deliver what they claim?)
  • Business and IT Strategy (Does it fit?)
  • Business priorities and potential Return on Investment (ROI) (Is it good value?)
  • How future-proof is the application (Will it be around in 5-10 years’ time?)
At Coral Plan we’re confident we have most of your questions/issues covered

If we haven’t please contact us

  • Coral Plan increases profit margins by improved employee efficiency
  • 10-33% productivity improvements typically achieved**
  • ROI is a no-brainer (Please see calculation below)
  • Dynamic and interactive dashboards that show the latest situation 24/7/365
  • Email alerts highlight problems so you can manage by exception
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) software on-demand (No capital investment)
  • Delivered via The Cloud or behind your firewall
  • Accurate and real-time KPI data captured in the workflow
  • ALL business (or private) activities, workflow and processes in one place
  • Collaborate and share activities, workflow and processes across all time zones
  • FREE access to your data, it's not locked away it's yours
  • Exception management saves valuable Project Management and planning time
  • Scales with your business, only pay for active users
ROI Calculation example :

20 staff earning £25,000 p.a. + (33% other employment costs) = Monthly bill £55,416

Investment Gain: Just 10% productivity efficiency gain = £5,541 monthly
Investment Cost: 20 x £19.97 = £399 monthly

100 x (5,541 – 399) ÷ 399 = ROI 1288%

** Higher levels of gain are achievable when Coral Plan is used as a tool for change e.g. introduced as part of a continuous improvement programme.

Put the fun back into planning. The planning and defining of projects and processes is not the problem, it’s keeping track of where you are at any one point that is.

Coral Plan can help any size business organise, from the smallest to complex, matrix management organisations.


You use multiple ‘systems’ to manage your processes and projects, spreadsheets, documents, project tools, CRM, other desktop tools.

Problem is they don’t join up to give you a clear picture of your resources or what’s going on at the coal-face!

BPO - Off-shoring your business processes and wondering how you are going to maintain visibility?


Coral Plan centralises all these business activities into one place, the interaction between them is clear for all to see.


Map your processes/projects in Coral Plan and make the 3rd party continue updating progress. Write it into the Statement of Work

Top 5 Project Managers problems solved!
Issue Solution
Missing Deadlines Warnings, alerts and late reports are integral to Coral Plan and are triggered by the smallest variation to the plan. You should never miss another deadline.
Resource Gaps Holidays and other staff absences run alongside project tasks, so there is absolute clarity of gaps or clashes.
Task tracking and signoff Coral Plan gives back control to the PM. Team member’s sign-off time against their own allotted tasks in a simple dashboard. They are accountable for responding to your published plan. Your job is to manage by exception.
Keeping plan up to date We’ve all been there, you frantically rush around updating the plan to have a stakeholders meeting. After the meeting you go back to ‘managing’ the project, the plan grows older by the day. Coral Plan dashboards and reports give a dynamic and true reflection of the plan at any one time.
Thinking time Because team members update Coral Plan every minute of the day you can manage by exception and concentrate on overseeing a successful project, rather than chasing people with your clipboard.
Top 5 Operation Managers problems solved!
Issue Solution
More with less With constant pressure to do more with less, mapping and managing your company’s workload in Coral Plan gives crystal clear insight into staff utilisation and capacity.
What’s everyone doing? Simply mapping your processes into Coral Plan quickly builds up a picture at a granular level of activities in your business. The data and reports in Coral Plan can rapidly help to weed out process dog-legs and save valuable time.
How well are they doing it? Planning is at the heart of Coral Plan, valuable operational data is collected from the outset, assessment quickly reveals how well this is being done within your organisation.
Accountability and responsibility It’s not about playing the blame game, but in a crisis you need to know who the main players are, when the process breaks down. At any point Coral Plan shows you the detail of which department and individual is responsible for the task, and the chain of command.
Continuous improvement and KPI Entering your processes in Coral Plan is a one-time operation, however data collected during the running of these processes gives you hard facts that facilitate and support KPI, 6 Sigma and continuous improvement programmes.

Fed up with the daily maelstrom, need some breathing space to think? Then contact us, we’d like to help. Remember, Coral Plan works for you, not the other way around!